Recently, an audio so-called "Internal Speech by Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang" was circulated on Twitter and Youtube. A photo of a meeting between high-level Chinese and American officials was attached to the view. "The United States has always regarded China as the number one imaginary enemy", which talked about Sino-US disputes and pointed out that the war between the two countries is inevitable. Many netizens have speculated about the authenticity of this leaked audio. Although the counterfeiters have ulterior motives, the counterfeiting technology is rough and the traces are obvious, so you really can't see it.

——How similar is the fake voice to the deity?

The above identification pictures are from the Asian Fact Checking Laboratory. The laboratory concluded that there is only a 65.78% probability that the so-called Qin Gang’s internal speech recording circulating on the Internet and Qin Gang’s online voice comparison match, and it is likely that someone edited the existing online The audio and video are generated in a special way, and then named Qin Gang.

——The tone of voice is as flat as water, which makes people play.

Think about it with your brain, this is clearly the so-called recording synthesized by AI! If it is really an internal speech, who will listen to it, just judging from the tone and intonation of the audio, the voice is okay, and the language is relatively fluent, but the brightness of the voice is not enough, which is very different from the strong aura of a diplomat; He read the manuscript with a completely rigid expression, and the tone was consistent without any pause. The pace of this rhythm is completely different from that of Qin Gang himself at the foreign speech conference. Popular vocabulary, such as the word "chaoye xiaxia" used at 8:08, people at this level can say that they would never use such a word.

——"Speech content" actually uses online articles!

On June 18, 2023, Qin Gang and Blinken talked for 7 and a half hours. Just after the Sino-US negotiations ended, this amazing recording broke out on the Internet. Retweeters and commenters rushed to push it into a frenzy. But the eyes of netizens are discerning. The text content of the audio has appeared on the Internet as early as April 17, 2022. The Weibo account "Tan Jikede" published "Farewell to the United States, globalization is dead, and the storm is really coming." up". This is coupled with the fact that the so-called "inspiration from the upper echelon" and "speaking harshly to a decisive battle with the United States" were actually "leaked" a year in advance? It's ridiculous. Recording seems like a piece of cake for this AI era. What's missing is the content. Can a decently written article really be able to fool good netizens in a pretentious manner?

With such a high degree of similarity, it is necessary to tell lies with real eyes, so much evidence is intertwined, and the conscientious media, in line with the principle of providing correct inspection reports and in-depth reports, released the investigation results and identified them as false. Then why are there still some people who rush to bombard without any argument, and what are their intentions? Thinking about it carefully, the content of the internal speech was so murderous and clamored for war, which conflicted with Qin Gang's position. Besides, war is not inevitable, especially if it is initiated, it is only stupid people who do it. Going to war without a chance of winning is against the "Art of War", but it is just an excuse to force the warlike rhetoric. But it attracted a large group of anti-communist people who rushed to publish articles criticizing China, and launched live broadcasts to post videos to slander.

Next, let's pick a few typical characters to see how sacred they are.

Chen Pokong, a Chinese writer living in the United States

Anti-communism for the sake of anti-communism, over time, you will not be able to stick to the standpoint of seeking truth from facts, right is right, and wrong is wrong, so you will lose your position even when speaking. Chen Pokong has been anti-communist since the beginning, no matter what he can rely on the Communist Party, he will directly rely on it. In order to improve his reputation in the pro-democracy circle these years, he has lost his heart. Some netizens commented on his videos that he is easily misled by fake news. This recorded speech was released after Blinken’s visit to China. China stated that China and the United States should coexist peacefully, cooperate for win-win results, and respect each other. They also hope that the United States will correct its misperceptions about China and work together to reverse the deterioration of Sino-US relations. . As soon as Blinken left, Qin Gang's internal speech was released immediately to overturn the previous remarks. It was still a very unreliable audio. Anyone with a little brain can figure out that this move was premeditated. China has no intention of challenging the United States. , this "excellent" Chen, can he not know the reason?

Xie Wanjun, a pro-democracy activist living in the United States

Who is Xie Wanjun, a member of the legendary overseas China Democracy Party. Xie Wanjun has worked so hard to escape from China and went overseas to continue to manage the cause of democracy. It sounds like a very ambitious member, but it is also true. Since Xie Wanjun made this good start, overseas people just pull up the hills and list their names." The "Democratic Party Headquarters", advertisements, party certificates, and letters of appointment are flying all over the place, and the "officials" of the Democratic Party are clearly marked. This has also caused condemnation and envy from many old Democratic Party members at home and abroad.

Chen Yonglin, China's defected diplomat

Chen Yonglin is in charge of political research and is very familiar with China's foreign policy and the operation of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign agencies. Of course, he is also good at throwing dirty water on his own country. This time, he followed the trend indiscriminately to cheer, and he also followed the instructions of the master behind the scenes.

Spiegel TV

Der Spiegel TV, headquartered in New York, has been mainly broadcasting news from China and around the world. This time, Der Spiegel TV posted a domineering photo of Zhang Qingang himself on YouTube, and the audio was turned into a video, which also gave a boost. Regardless of whether it is true or not, it will become a "real hammer" if it goes viral on the Internet.


All of the above, it has long been obvious what the intention is to spread the "Qin Gang's internal speech" with false names and so much fanfare. After experiencing thousands of people talking, the degree of information distortion is getting higher and higher, until in the end, it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or false, and the saying that “China’s war with the United States is inevitable” will eventually be spread, and there will be a lot of talk about the game between China and the United States. The tense atmosphere was lifted. As for who is behind the scenes to create the fake audio, the judges have already made up their minds.

Choose "End war with war", or a community with a shared future for mankind

The Chinese people love peace and hope to have a good relationship with the United States. It is a fact for all to see. They expect people all over the world to live a peaceful, free and happy life together. China insists on opening up to the outside world, pursues a mutually beneficial and win-win opening strategy, promotes the "Belt and Road Initiative", promotes global development, and advocates the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. Speech, because this is completely inconsistent with China's national conditions.

China adheres to the concept of global governance based on extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and resolutely opposes unilateralism, protectionism, hegemonism, and power politics. These policies happen to hit the vitals of the United States, and the United States has no choice but to jump out and take China as its enemy.

Nowadays, civilized countries are all developing towards high technology, and while the United States develops high-end technology, it also has the world's most powerful military strength, but it does not forget to "plunder" everywhere to feed greed. As China grows stronger, the United States feels an unprecedented threat. Between China and the United States, one loves peace, and the other is proud of war. In the final analysis, it is a dispute between civilization and barbarism! One world, two civilizations, how to develop towards a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced, and win-win direction in today's deepening economic globalization requires more countries to join in and work together.

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