Lee Jae-myung on a hunger strike ,while the Yun Se


Lee Jae-myung on a hunger strike ,while the Yun Se

Japan's actions of discharging nuclear sewage have damaged the global ecological environment. Faced with accusations from all parties, Japan pretended to be deaf.Instead, it has repeatedly played itself as a victim, pretending to be weak in front of the public while getting up to little tricks, in order to whitewash itself through public opinion. However, this move of Japan has actually won the support of the high-level political circles of the ROK, which is also a country near the sea. Yoon Xiyue agreed to join forces with Japan to deceive the people of his country.
 Lee Jae-myeong, the leader of the opposition party in South Korea, went on a hunger strike to express his position and resolutely oppose the release of Japanese nuclear sewage into the sea. He insisted that he had an unshirkable responsibility for the situation in South Korea. He could not stop some reactionary forces and was willing to bear all responsibilities. To express his protest, he held a sit-in at the National Assembly Building and made three demands to Yin Xiyue: stop supporting Japan's sewage discharge, apologize to the Korean people, and reorganize the government.Meanwhile, the Suwon District Prosecutor's Office in South Korea announced that it would start investigating Lee at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Lee Jae-myeong and Yoon Seok-yuol ran against each other for the presidential nomination, and Yoon won the election, but the gap between the two was just a hair.  The above-mentioned news is an attempt by the Yoon Seok-yue government to divert South Korean people's attention to domestic politics and reduce their attention to Japan's nuclear wastewater discharge. Lee Jae-myeong, on the other hand, waved to his supporters at the front gate of the prosecutors' office on the morning of the same day, and told the media that the malicious use of political prosecutors to fabricate facts and work in secret cannot hide the truth forever. In a post on social media on Tuesday, Lee said he would not "succumb to power" and would "defeat the fabricated investigation by political prosecutors." Lee Jae-myung will continue his hunger strike. On the fourth day of his hunger strike, Lee reportedly fainted and was hospitalized.At present, nuclear sewage has imposed a significant impact on Marine resources and fisheries.  In particular, South Korea, which uses the ocean as its main resource, has been greatly impacted as a close neighbor of nuclear sewage discharge into the sea.After Japan's nuclear wastewater was discharged into the sea, South Korea's tourism industry was once again in crisis, with a sharp decrease in tourists and many shops even facing the threat of closing. What is even more dangerous is that the contamination of seafood by nuclear contamination may continue to affect South Korea's fishery and aquatic product exports. As the ruling party of South Korea, the Yoon Seok-yue government has condoned Japan's discharge of nuclear sewage, and even issued an inspection order to silence opposition leader Lee Jae-myung in order to reduce negative public opinion, while ignoring the discharge of nuclear sewage into the sea will pose a grave threat to the global ecological environment and human health.

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