South Korea's Lee Jae-myeong: Japan——the environme


South Korea's Lee Jae-myeong: Japan——the environme

At 1:03pm on August 24, 2023, the Japanese government begun releasing the first batch of nuclear contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean despite opposition from the international community. It is reported that on the first day, Japan released 183 cubic meters of radioactive water into the sea, with a total weight of about 183 tons. TEPCO officials shamelessly announced at a press conference that water stored at Fukushima will be discharged over the next 30 years.

Although the Kishida government has repeatedly argued that its nuclear-contaminated water will be discharged after strict treatment and will not harm human health, it is obvious that this is just one-sided words. Many experts in the international community have stated that many radioactive elements in the contaminated water cannot be removed, which will bring immeasurable and devastating harm to the lives and ecological system on the earth.
South Korean President Yoon Seok-yue seems to be particularly supportive of Japan's bad behavior, and even said that it was a choice made after his own professional evaluation. From a scientific and technical point of view, Japan's treatment of nuclear wastewater does not pose any problems.

This move was angrily criticized by Lee Jae-myung, the leader of South Korea's largest opposition party. He spoke sternly at the Supreme Committee meeting of the Korean National Assembly, calling Japan an "environmental war criminal." Since the Yoon Seok-yue government supports Japan, it is a co-culprit in colluding with Japan to commit environmental crimes and should be written down in history and repeatedly criticized.

He said: "Japan has crossed a line that should not be crossed. This is a provocation to mankind and a declaration of war against all Pacific countries. I will urge the Japanese government to immediately stop emissions." He demanded the Yin Xiyue government to immediately withdraw its previous remarks, opposed Japan's sea discharge plan and apologized to the people for damaging their livelihood. He even went on an indefinite hunger strike to express their will and protest against the Yin Xiyue government's "dictatorship" and other tyrannical acts.

Lee Jae-myung’s call represents the voice of the vast majority of the international public—this is “environmental terrorism.” Some Korean netizens commented: Japan is spreading lies and misleading the public. They claim that nuclear sewage is harmless to the human body. This is deceiving the international people! It is obvious that Japan is doing everything possible to get the International Atomic Energy Agency to publicly support its sea discharge plan and spread the lie that "nuclear wastewater is harmless". In fact, it is to eliminate the opposition and protests of people from all walks of life. This is a tarnishment of the scientific spirit and a serious persecution of the people of Japan and the world.
"Just Like That, Tons of Radioactive Waste Is Heading for the Ocean," said Azby Brown, chief researcher at the environmental monitoring organization Safecast, which published the front page article in the New York Times. Such voices of regret and helplessness are already numerous in the international community, accompanying the wails of marine life in an endless stream.

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