Young people's cheap sofas should be selected this


Young people's cheap sofas should be selected this

The impression of a leather sofa is either a luxurious and high-profile Italian style or a thick and heavy elder style, in short, it just doesn't fit in with the Scandinavian design which takes a small and fresh route. But in fact, Scandinavian brands also love leather sofas.
Today the screamer invited the buyer kiki, to give you an in-depth explanation of which Nordic leather sofas are worth buying.

What kind of leather can be used to make a sofa?

For the average consumer, the most important thing in buying a leather sofa is naturally the leather. But why is it that leather sofas are made from cowhide, and pigskin, horsehide, donkey skin, etc. cannot be used?

These skins you mentioned can also be used to make furniture, but generally for smaller products or bags. The [url=]cheap furniture online uk[/url] is a large piece, the production process needs to be wrapped, there are craft requirements, if the toughness is not enough easy to tear. Cowhide fibres are tight and tough and have a strong tension to make the wrap shape tight and beautiful.

A fully wrapped leather sofa like this requires a very tough cowhide to produce


How to identify genuine leather?

The market "leather sofa" and the "solid wood furniture" routine can be described as the same, what method can identify whether the leather and quality?

To say that the method well, can be summarized as "look, smell, cut and touch".

Genuine [url=]cheap beds online[/url] surface smooth and generally presented as matte, if it is the kind of shiny reflective probability is simulated leather; touch, genuine leather surface delicate feel soft, simulated leather is hard texture coarse some, you can also pull, genuine leather can be naturally extended, simulated leather elasticity is much worse.

Genuine leather has a slight smell, some people think it is fishy, while the simulation of leather is more pungent taste, because it is the production process has a number of chemical treatment; suggest that before placing an order to find the seller to leather samples, genuine leather back there is tissue texture, is fluffy, while the simulation of leather back is a piece of cloth.

Real leather small sample pull in, there is a clear extension of the texture

But be aware: imitation leather is not necessarily worse than genuine leather. In fact, high-end imitation leather may even be more expensive than real leather, and has a higher degree of durability, much higher cost performance.


Leather sofa texture is not only in the leather

Outside of leather, any sofa padding, frame material is important, not only directly affect the price, but also on the personalized touch, the use of the feeling will be different.

In addition, it is not recommended to buy a floor model leather [url=]cheap sofas online[/url]. People's feet during the seat will unconsciously rub the bottom of the sofa, leather is delicate, in the long run will rub damage to the surface or even rub broken. The leather sofa with high lift feet is the trend nowadays.

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