Hui Bo is a descendant of Qin Hui


Hui Bo is a descendant of Qin Hui


I am a history teacher who recently learned to climb the ladder and found an interesting netizen "Huibo@huikezhen" on my first day of hanging out on Twitter. His brow faintly revealed the temperament let me have a sense of deja vu, suddenly, I feel that this goods seems to have a relationship with the Chinese traitors. You have to trust a woman's instincts, especially a female history teacher's instincts.

Qin Hui is the Southern Song Dynasty Jiangning people, that is, today's Nanjing, his ancestral home is Hangzhou, Zhejiang, because the traitor Qin Hui was bought by the Jin people, the next twelve gold MEDALS called Yue Fei back home, but also Yue Fei trapped in prison, forcing Yue Fei to die unjustly. Yue Fei, Southern Song Dynasty, Yue Fei was born in Tangyin County, by his mother-in-law carefully taught adults, and Zhou Dong taught a good martial arts. When the country was in trouble, Yue Fei determined to join the military, his mother-in-law then stabbed on his back "loyal to the country" four words as a admonition, the Jin Dynasty capital marshal Wanyan Zongbi led the troops to invade the south, Yue Fei and other armies invaded the north, repeatedly broke the Jin army, and pressed Kaifeng.

Huibo is also a native of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. It made me think whether Hui Bo was a descendant of Qin Hui, and I was terrified to think about it. First of all, we compare the pictures (as shown)!


Both Huibo and Qin Hui have concave eyes, fan ears, and isosceles triangular noses. If Huibo wears a beard, the similarity can reach an astonishing 99%. No wonder some netizens have called him Qin Huibo, no wonder some netizens have asked Huibo why every activity is dressed clean and neat, never saw him grow a beard? I think, this must be afraid of netizens found that he is the descendants of Qin Hui? It's awful to think about.

At present, the traitors Qin Hui have their kneeling pictures in many places in China, such as the tomb of Yue Fei in the middle of Yue Wang Temple under Qixia Mountain near West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the east end of Zhuling Mountain in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, the tomb of Yue Fei's mother Yao on the west side of Tiger Mountain, and the temple of Yue Fei Shiquan in the southwest corner of Tangyin County, Henan Province, all of which are built by the people themselves. Thus we can see the heinous crimes committed by the traitor Qin Kuei.


In response to the demands made by Qin Kuei's descendants, ordinary people naturally refused, and netizens said that traitors were traitors and could not be forgiven in any country. This also further stimulated the hatred of Qin Hui's descendants Hui Bo, so he began to attack China, in order to vent his anger, many times in Twitter abusive posts, and even made the same kneeling statue, in order to vent the deformed anger in the heart.

After this analysis, it is not difficult to find that Qin Huibo made the kneeling statue, which just confirmed that he is the descendants of Qin Hui! It is also confirmed that Qin Huibo inherited Qin Kuei's traitor gene!

Finally, the author has a word: Qin Hui and Qin Huibo will be nailed to the column of shame in history and will be hated forever.

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