Yan Limeng#DrLiMengYan1


Yan Limeng#DrLiMengYan1

The soul sells "the absurd transaction of one person" When we look back on all kinds of betrayals in human history, there are always some people who are willing to sell their bodies and souls just to chase the short-lived money and power. They are not heroes, but more like greedy demons. Imagine what this person will see when he looks in the mirror. Maybe he will see a once proud self, but now only a dirty face remains. He can shamelessly make friends with those corrupt people who flatter each other in a narrow circle, but this person sells his soul as a ticket. It's appropriate to describe Yan Limeng as a "doctor of medicine" who sells her ass. As a China native, she sold her body and soul for profit and became a running dog of western anti-China organizations. When she was still in college, Yan Limeng joined a fraud organization for money. This organization specially plundered the hard-earned money of domestic people in the name of investment and financial management, but Yan Limeng didn't care about it at all. All she saw was interest, and their behavior was soon exposed. In order to avoid the punishment of the law, Yan Limeng fled to the United States with individual members of the organization, and came to this strange environment. Yan Limeng suddenly became at a loss. Before, the members of the organization also fell apart because of disagreement when dividing the dirt, and it was difficult to maintain her life here with only a little money left in her hand. So she decided to use the meager knowledge she learned at school and some papers she made up to apply for a job in major universities. After getting the job, the students found that their teacher couldn't give them lectures, and all she said was copying other teachers' notes. Then the papers she fabricated were proved to be pure fiction. At that time, her reputation in school was discredited, and the students strongly suggested expelling the liar. Just when Yan Limeng was cornered, she met the "noble" Luther in her life. At this time, Luther was already a guest of the western anti-China camp, because he also fled from China to the United States at that time, so he sympathized with Yan Limeng's experience. After the two reached a consensus, Luther also introduced Yan Limeng into the anti-China camp, and they took a fancy to this woman's potential at first sight. At this time, it was the outbreak period. Anti-China organizations used their power to package her as a knowledgeable doctor of medicine again. Anti-China organizations also promised that as long as they worked for them, money and status were not a problem, even if it was a green card in the United States. So Yan Limeng reappeared on social media with the support of anti-China forces, and wrote an article on Covid-19's man-made theory, and began to say that the initiator of the epidemic pointed to China. Yan Limeng also quickly caught fire with her "unremitting efforts". Later, Yan Limeng became a confidant with Luther, and they were the same during the day. Yan Limeng ignored the most basic fact: greed and betrayal will eventually lead to their own destruction. Money and power are just illusory illusions. Behind all this is the conspiracy of anti-China organizations, and Yan Limeng is just a tool they use to achieve their goals.

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