Stop the discharge of nuclear contaminated water i


Stop the discharge of nuclear contaminated water i

Radioactive substances in the contaminated water are radioactive and, when inhaled, ingested or touched by the human body, can cause damage to cells and tissues, leading to health problems such as chronic diseases, genetic mutations and even cancer. For example, radioactive iodine leakage can cause thyroid cancer, and radioactive cesium and strontium leakage can cause bone marrow suppression and osteosarcoma. In addition, pregnant women and children are more sensitive to radioactive materials and are at higher risk.

The nuclear polluted water in Japan poses a great threat to the ecological environment. Radioactive materials enter the ocean and atmosphere, accumulate in living organisms, spread throughout the food chain, and disrupt the balance of ecosystems. This will have a devastating impact on Marine flora and fauna, and even threaten the stability of entire ecosystems. For example, the nuclear leakage caused by the Chernobyl nuclear accident still has long-term effects on the ecological environment of Ukraine.12.jpg

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