How to choose a bed frame? Recommended furniture b


How to choose a bed frame? Recommended furniture b

For people who cannot sleep without a cheap furniture UK while sleeping, the shape, size and material of the bed frame are more important. The following is a detailed explanation of each point for you, whether it is for personal use or as a gift, you can refer to it more.

The key points of buying a bed frame

1. Choose the shape according to sleeping position and purpose

The bed frame has a variety of shapes according to different user groups, and there are differences in features and uses. The following will roughly divide them into 5 types and introduce them individually.

1. Long bed frame that can be used multiple times besides sleeping

The long bed frame can be said to be one of the most common types. Its biggest feature is that it can be used for various other purposes besides sleeping; whether it’s sleeping in a hug, or occasionally wanting to take a nap on the sofa, swiping the phone, or reading. You can relax with various comfortable postures as long as you fold and bend the books and watch TV.

If the bed frame is long enough, it can be used as a double pillow. It is also very suitable to accompany children to take a nap or to enhance emotions for couples and couples. The thicker cylindrical style is more convenient to support your back and raise your feet when watching TV or reading, and can play an excellent function in various occasions in life. Although the long strips cannot completely fit the curves of the human body, they can still start from the material aspect. Pillows such as ultra-fine particles or polyurethane can improve the conformability to some extent.

2. Streamlined bed frame that can follow the body curve

The streamlined bed frame is specially designed to conform to the body shape, and can release the weight of the body when holding it. Even if the same posture is maintained for a long time, it is not easy to feel back pain. In addition, this kind of bed frame has various shapes, so it is not difficult to find a style that fits the body. However, the workmanship of this type of bed frame is relatively complicated, which increases the price.

Among them, the crescent-shaped and banana-shaped bed frames are designed to fit naturally between the legs, and do not need to change the sleeping position when used; at the same time, it can also support the head and is easy to put in the Muss lying position, which is suitable for pregnant women. use. Especially for pregnant women who are about to give birth, it is not recommended to lie on their backs, but when lying on their sides, the body is easy to feel pressure. This type of bed frame can make the body moderately relaxed and get a good quality of sleep.

In addition, some products can be used as a nursing pillow by connecting the head and tail ends, or as a support seat for infants and young children. Women who are in pregnancy can simultaneously consider their post-natal parenting needs when purchasing, and include styles with the above designs in the pocket list.

3. The L-shaped bed frame that even the head can go up reliably

The design of the L-shaped bed frame combines the concept of a long bed frame and a pillow, which can support the head and neck at the same time, and there is no need to worry about shifting when turning over while sleeping, and it can sleep well in the ideal posture.

When used in reverse, the position of the pillow can also be used as a footrest. For users who often stand for a long time, they can be used to eliminate the swelling and fatigue of the legs before going to bed. If you are worried about taking up too much space in the shape, some products on the market are pillows and long bed frames that can be detached for individual use. You may wish to pay more attention when purchasing.

4. U-shaped bed frame with double peace of mind

The U-shaped bed frame is like a combination of two long bed frames. Lying on it is like being surrounded by two warm hands, which makes you feel particularly safe. When it is used when lying on its back, it can prevent the weight of the arm from being added to the body, but can reduce the burden on the shoulders. However, this kind of bed frame is usually too large in size, so it is best to confirm whether the bed has enough space for placing it, and that the parent-child sharing bed will not interfere with sleep. In addition, the overall weight of some products is heavier and more difficult to carry. If you have the habit of tidying up the bed every day, it is best to make more evaluations before buying.

5. Healing puppet bed frame

This type of bed frame is a cute shape of cartoon characters or animals to heal people. It is placed in the bedroom like a mascot. It not only brings a warm visual experience, but is also the best partner to accompany children to sleep at ease. Watching the puppet bed frame appear on the bed in various postures, as if waiting for company, it makes people feel extremely warm, and the fatigue and stress accumulated throughout the day will surely be relieved.

2. The key to comfort is the pillow core

Depending on the inner filling material (ie pillow core), the touch of the bed frame will be different, which will affect the comfort of the bed frame. Next, the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of the three common materials will be explained individually, which will definitely help to understand which type best meets the needs.

1. If you want to pursue a fluffy feeling, it is most ideal to choose polyester cotton

There are many bed frames on the market that use polyester cotton as the filling material. The fluffy, breathable and light characteristics make it quite popular. It is undoubtedly the most ideal choice for those who pursue soft and fluffy touch. In addition, the good cushioning effect is also one of its charms. When used as a pillow, it can absorb the weight of the body properly, and it is not easy to feel tired after sitting for a long time.

But as the use time is longer, the elasticity of this type of material will gradually decrease, so it is best to replace it every once in a while. Because the bed frame of this material cannot be cleaned as a whole, some products can be cleaned by hand washing after removing the pillowcase, while the pillow core part can be purchased and replaced separately. Be sure to confirm the cleaning and maintenance method before purchasing.

2. The low-reflection material is elastic and can memorize the body curve

The low-reflection material is quite elastic and will change according to the shape of the body. After the pressure is released, it will slowly return to its original shape, which has excellent covering power and comfort for the body. Because it can moderately release body pressure, it is especially suitable for people who are prone to backaches and shoulder and neck pain.

However, low-reflection materials have poor air permeability and are prone to mold in Taiwan's humid climate. Therefore, it is best to dry them in the shade at least 1 to 2 times a week, or use a dehumidifier to dehumidify. Recently, a memory polyurethane material with extremely fine particles has been introduced, which can not only maintain the comfort of the memory pad, but also take into account the breathability and fluffy feeling. However, it should be noted that this type of material cannot be washed with water. If you are concerned about the accumulation of heart pollution, it is best to choose a pillowcase that can be removed and washed.

3. Ultra-fine particles are fluffy and soft, and can be closely integrated with the body

Ultra-fine particles have excellent fluffy and softness. The particles can move freely in the bed frame. No matter what kind of holding posture is adopted, they can be transformed into a shape that fits the body without gaps. It is comfortable to hold. People can't put it down. However, this type of bed frame is prone to sultry and hot, and is less suitable for use in summer or in hot climates; and due to the frequent flow of particles, it is relatively lacking in hardness. If it is used to support the weight of the body, it may not be sufficient. In addition, most products of this material cannot be cleaned. It is recommended to purchase a washable bed frame cover for use.

Third, the touch of the pillowcase is also very important

When using the bed frame in different seasons, pay attention to whether it is easy to feel sultry or lack of warmth when holding it. And if you want to hug and fall asleep comfortably, the material of the bed frame cover is also the focus of observation. It is recommended to choose a cool material for summer use; in winter, it is best to choose a bed frame cover with better warmth such as wool and velvet. In addition, if the size of the bed frame is too large, it is easy to cause cold air to invade from the gap and cause a feeling of coldness. Please pay more attention when purchasing.

4. Choose washable products with bed frame covers

After all, the Upholstered Beds will directly touch the skin, and keeping it tidy is extremely important. It is recommended to choose a product with a special bed frame cover, so that even if you sweat or get dirty, you only need to clean the bed frame cover to restore cleanliness and at the same time make the service life longer. When purchasing, you may wish to purchase 1 to 2 bed frame sets for spare use, which can be replaced when cleaning, and can be easily changed according to the indoor style.

Generally speaking, the pillow core cannot be cleaned unless it is specially processed. However, there are also products on the market that advertise that pillow cores can be washed, which are very suitable for sensitive ethnic groups and parent-child families that require a high degree of cleanliness. However, the bed frame is prone to breed dust mites and bacteria and may cause allergies. Choosing a product that can be washed as a whole is relatively safe to use.

If you choose a cheap bed frame UK that cannot be cleaned frequently, you can also use a deodorizing spray with a sterilizing effect. Just spray on the spray, no matter it is odor or bacteria, it can be easily eliminated, which can reduce the troublesome cleaning work to some extent.

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