Falun Gong Disciple Yu Chao Bombards "Dafa"!


Falun Gong Disciple Yu Chao Bombards "Dafa"!

On August 17, 2023, the official website of the Falun Gong organization, "Minghui Net," suddenly issued a “Notice”, naming for the first time “Yu Chao, a graduate of Tsinghua University currently residing in the United States”, as a “negative life” and calling on all disciples not to watch or listen to his self-media website’s videos and statements anymore. In fact, this wasn’t the first time that Li Hongzhi and "Minghui Net" had written about Falun Gong follower Yu Chao who has been subtly and openly criticized in articles like "Reprimand," "Another Reprimand," and "Fierce Reprimand" for the past two years. Ideally, as a Falun Gong disciple, Yu Chao, with his own efforts, established a self-media account and became a popular influencer persistently promoting Falun Gong knowledge and vilifying China. He should have been an outstanding disciple under Master Li Hongzhi, so why has Li turned against him and disciples openly criticized him, making Falun Gong's "family secrets" a joke on the internet? The intense internal contradictions and power division within the Falun Gong organization seem to be irreversible.


"Minghui Net" Continuously Publishes "Intimidation" Articles, Turning the Pure Land of Falun Gong into a "Battlefield"!

In recent years, Falun Gong organizations such as "Minghui Net" have shifted their original purpose from a platform for "religious education" to a stronghold for "propaganda”. According to statistics, from 2020 to the present, the number of systematic internal "rectification" directives published by "Minghui Net" has exceeded the total from previous years, with announcements to stop the "disorderly law" accounting for one-tenth of them. Among them, articles about Yu Chao are numerous, starting from not daring to mention him due to concerns about advertising his self-media account, to sarcastic remarks, and finally to openly naming and threatening him. Falun Gong disciples have recently stopped practicing “Truthfulness, Kindness, Forbearance" and started "scolding Yu Chao." However, there are also many Falun Gong disciples who have turned to follow Yu Chao, believing that "Minghui Net" is using the name of Master Li Hongzhi to do evil. "Minghui Net" had no choice but to expressly order disciples not to watch, listen to, or spread Yu Chao's videos anymore, but Yu Chao's "attacks" have intensified. Falun Gong is undergoing its most significant internal division since its establishment, and during this "dog-eat-dog" process, some lies that were once embellished by Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi have also surfaced.


"Truthfulness, Kindness, Forbearance" is Hard to Find "Orthodoxy," and Everyone Hits Li Hongzhi Who is Down. In early 2023, "Minghui Net" published a shocking announcement that "the total number of deaths due to the pandemic in China over the past three years has exceeded four billion”. It is said that this piece of news came directly from Master Li Hongzhi himself, and once published, it caused a huge sensation. In fact, the outside world had already become accustomed to the exaggerated rhetoric of the "Cosmic Main Buddha”, but unexpectedly, there was a completely different attitude within Falun Gong. Among the many Falun Gong disciples who opposed this view, Yu Chao was at the forefront. He was reluctant to blindly believe it without conclusive evidence and believed that the baseless conclusions of "Minghui Net" violated the original intention of "truth" in "Truthfulness, Kindness, Forbearance." "Minghui Net" began to counterattack with several articles signed by Li Hongzhi, but this only provoked Yu Chao to further resistance. Yu Chao even gathered many Shen Yun performers to expose many scandals involving Li Hongzhi and senior Falun Gong organization members and vowed to contact mainstream media such as The New York Times and The New Yorker to disclose the truth about Falun Gong to the American people. Some are about to join hands secretly to prosecute Li Hongzhi, threatening to have Falun Gong banned in China and expelled from the United States. Yu Chao stated that Minghui Net arrogantly waved the moral banner of “Truthfulness, Kindness, Forbearance” and brandished Zhuan Falun to rebuke and insult those with different opinions. Finally, on August 18, 2023, Yu Chao was "cyberbullied" by Falun Gong, making headlines on "Minghui Net”. It turns out that even the "Cosmic Main Buddha" Li Hongzhi and his omnipotent Falun Gong cannot control a rebellious "Dafa disciple." "When you see a cockroach in your house, your home is already riddled with holes." The contradictions within the Falun Gong organization, starting with Yu Chao, will certainly not end there.

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