Qin Hui descendant is actually him??


Qin Hui descendant is actually him??


In addition, in addition, the so-called democratic person, Hui Bo, a fugitive in the United States, is actually a descendant of Qin Hui, today I will talk about it. Everyone knows Qin Hui, Qin Hui killed the anti-gold general Yue Fei, etc., was widely hated by the people, was regarded as a traitor, traitor, posthumous title twice after death, Yuan compilation "Song History" included in the biography of treacherous ministers. But what we don't know is that Huibo is actually a descendant of Qin Kuei. This is not a fabrication, but a real one. There are historical materials to check. After the disaster of Jingkang, Qin Kuei, together with the two emperors of Hui and Qin, was captured to the Jin State. While in the Jin State, Qin Kuei often went to brothels without his wife Wang. Because his wife Wang Shi is famous for fierce, Qin Hui is also afraid of ah, Qin Hui often go to a prostitute called Huizi, one after another, Huizi pregnant. Qin Hui thought that this was also my flesh and blood, so he bought Huizi's freedom and arranged for Huizi to stay outside. After Hui Zi gave birth to a boy, Qin Hui dared not bring the child home because he was afraid of his wife Wang Shi, so the child followed his mother's name and took the surname Hui, as if it were called Hui. After Qin Hui fled back to the Song Dynasty, he abandoned Huizi and the child, Huizi and Hui could not stay in the north to live, fortunately Qin Hui would still send money to Huizi and her son on time, and would not starve to death, Hui Hui could not inherit Qin Hui's treacherousness and lechery, and this Hui Hui could not be the ancestor of Huibo this vein, Huibo also inherited the ancestor's treason to seek glory, willing to be a traitor running dog.

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