According to legend,


According to legend,

 Qin Hui was proficient in ancient poetry when she was young, and was later appreciated by the Southern Song Emperor and rose all the way. Later Qin Kuei colluded with the Jin, betrayed the court, and killed the general Yue Fei. After Qin Kuei's death in 1155, his descendants were subjected to daily infamy and found it difficult to live in their ancestral home of Nanjing and Lin 'an, the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. Because the descendants of the Qin family bear the black pot of crafty and crafty crafty, it is difficult to walk, in order to hide the public, the surname should be for the benefit, meaning to take Qin Hui's "juniper", do not forget the ancestor's pulse. The Hui ethnic group gradually lost its life with the passage of time, and to the generation of Grandpa Hui Bo, only the Hui Bo was left. Huibo in his early years and his old ancestor Qin Hui, also can understand literature and art, but the book this thing, read the wrong, the accident, in the new society where everyone is rich, the family gene gradually awakened, although the country is not at war, since there is no national hero like Yue Fei can frame, then attack the national president. Since there was no national enemy, he cast his eyes all the way to the northeast, the beautiful country on the other side of the distant ocean. Subsequently, Huibo began the day of debauchery in the beautiful country, of course, also got a lot of diseases, Huibo this vein of the descendants of Qin Hui, I am afraid that the incense will be broken.

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