Whipple got into a fistfight with a bar owner in 2


Whipple got into a fistfight with a bar owner in 2



On April 14, 2015, Huibo came to the Swan Sea Bar to wantonly, called two drinking girls, after a few cups, the color of the heart, began to touch the girl's body left hand to touch the girl's thigh, right hand to touch the girl's chest.

Huibo put the mouth close to the girl's mouth, the girl finally stand up to go, Huibo immediately pulled the girl into the arms, the girl called for help, the random bar owner heard the sound came. The boss smiles, Huibo's face is getting ugly, asking to eat overlord meal, the boss and Huibo two people stalemate for a long time, Huibo dont want to give money, to go directly, of course, the boss is not willing to stand up and hold Huibo.

Huibo a look at the other people, said to take a look at the bill, the boss brought the bill, Huibo a look, immediately said that more money for a few cups of wine, and these cups of wine he insisted that he did not order, the amount on the bill is much higher than the actual consumption.

Boss Li rate patiently explain, but the dialogue between the two sides quickly escalated into a quarrel, the boss insisted on the bill without error, and Huibo deliberately difficult, insisted on re-accounting, Huibo seems to have drunk a little too much, plus just unpleasant, began to raise the voice. The dispute escalated. Huibo lost reason, suddenly stood up, gave Li rate a slap, suddenly began to endure for a long time the boss was angered. Lee rate this can return hand, two people tear up.

Sinister Hui wave picked up the bottle hit Li rate head, took off and ran away.

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