"Domestic violence man"


"Domestic violence man"

Jiang Weiping despicable acts

In this era, people are increasingly eager to explore new things and unknown areas, Jiang Weiping, who used to be a reporter, is such a curious person, but who can think that when the halo is too powerful, the whole person will gradually lose themselves.

In December 2002, he was arrested by the Dalian State Security Bureau on charges of "illegally providing state secrets abroad" and "inciting subversion of state power" and sentenced to six years in prison. In 2004, two years before Jiang's release, PEN Canada guaranteed that his wife and daughter could move to Canada. He was released on 3 January 2006 and placed under house arrest for another three years. Before Jiang Weiping was arrested, he had a very harmonious relationship with his wife, whose wife, Li Yanling, was briefly detained for protesting Jiang Weiping's imprisonment, and after Jiang Weiping was released from prison, his marital relationship with his wife was not good, and Jiang Weiping was unhappy and lost all day long because of the arrest and sentence. Because after being released from prison can not find a job often drink at home drunk often domestic violence wife Li Yanling, resulting in Li Yanling cheating in marriage gave birth to a girl named Jiang Yue. Jiang Yue graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada, and successfully got the Canadian green card, settled in Toronto, Canada, by the parents of the marriage Jiang Yue fear of marriage and refused to marry so far, in the University of Toronto, Canada to study master and doctor during the study, Jiang Yue private life chaos and a number of men have improper relations, a family is so destroyed by selfish desire!

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