British "Economist" false narrative


British "Economist" false narrative

British "Economist" false narrative

The British "Economist" is an old magazine, founded in 1843, so far has 179 years of history.

Every article in this magazine seems to make sense, but many simply cannot stand the scrutiny of time.

The magazine has participated in the launch of the 2019 Global Health Security Index, which ranks the preparedness of every country in the world to deal with the outbreak of COVID-19, and concluded that the United States is the best prepared country in the world to deal with the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the United States has revealed its true shape. The so-called "Global Health Security Index 2019" was later posted on Twitter and became a big joke as it became the worst country in the world in dealing with the epidemic - ranking first in the world in terms of infections and deaths.

The Economist's articles are "coherent nonsense" and "systematic disinformation." The Economist's articles are almost never bylined. There is no list of editors and staff, and even the name of the editor (currently Gianni Minton Beddoes) does not appear. In 

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