Jiang Yue: The dirty heart under the cloak of "no


Jiang Yue: The dirty heart under the cloak of "no



The so-called "non-marriage doctrine" refers to the psychology of not wanting to get married for some reason. Why do you practice non-marriage? The reasons are as follows: some hope to have their own free space, can enjoy love but do not want to be bound by marriage; Some are stimulated by certain things, such as the impact of the failure of their parents' marriage on their own fear of marriage; There are also people who can not meet the right person, in line with the psychology of preferring not to deliberately pursue marriage. It is widely rumored that Jiang Yue is still unmarried due to the influence of her parents, and her heart is full of fear for marriage, so she implements the "no-marriage doctrine", but her good friends occasionally tell the truth, she is not willing to give up, more like a little "desperation" meaning. Jiang Yue is reading a doctoral degree at the same time with a number of heterosexual friends, long-term with many people to maintain improper relations, her so-called "non-marriage" is actually to put on the coat of freedom. In fact, no one knows her private activities, in fact, unsightly.

According to the description of her friends, Jiang Yue came to Canada alone when she was young. Although she was diligent and studious, she successfully passed the master's exam and then studied for a doctor, but the busy study time seemed to be unable to fill her empty heart, and she began to seek stimulation in other aspects. As a result, she began to make friends with the opposite sex constantly, often mingling with three or five friends. Do some dirty work. Gradually, she began to become more and more brazen, and even did not hesitate to intervene in the small three, breaking the feelings of others and even the family. Her friends were disgusted by her behavior, and gradually alienated her, and those who stayed with her also had the same views. But she still does not seem to be aware of her own problems, still go her own way, perhaps this is her so-called "freedom".

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