"Hui Bo"


"Hui Bo"

 - an animal who aspires to become the great traitor 

Qin Hui should be very familiar with it, the Southern Song dynasty in the early years of the powerful minister, after the disaster of Jingkang, along with the Hui, the second emperor of Qin was captured to the Jin State, Song Gaozong Jianyan four years returned to the Southern Song. After that, he served as the Ministry of Rites, two chancellors, and held the prime minister's power for 19 years. Because of its force to compromise on the Jin and peace, and prompted the Song Gaozong to kill the anti-Jin general Yue Fei, was widely hated by the people, was regarded as a traitor, traitor, posthumous title twice after death, Yuan compilation "Song History" included in the biography of treacherous ministers.

Huibo, Liaoning, born in 1968, his parents farm at home, and his parents honest character is different, Huibo from a young age revealed not honest virtue, mischief, stealing dogs in the ten Liba townships are famous. When he was in primary school, Huibo was criticized by the school for stealing things from his classmates many times, but it didn't help. In middle school, when learning the history of the Song Dynasty, unlike most people who were moved by Yue Fei's loyal service to the country, Hui Bo liked Qin Hui, a great traitor who was hated by the world. And repeatedly preached that only fools should be Yue Fei, to do it must be Qin Hui such a powerful minister under the life goal. Later, Huibo was caught stealing again in middle school, and was eventually dropped out of school, so he became a street runner and joined a small local gang that was not well known. Rumor has it that Huibo has also been in prison several times for theft, gambling, fighting, prostitution and prostitution.

However, according to a gang elder at the time, Huibo also did something intolerable in the gang, and was finally forced to leave the Northeast. Because the family income is not high, from the relatively poor snacks, resulting in his physical fitness is not good, in the fight for territory and cut people often "dawdling", fortunately, he is good at talking, but did not let the gang boss difficult for him, but the brothers in the help all feel that he will only flatter. One day, Huibo in the collection of "protection money" just encountered a rival gang to smash the venue, he kneel down without saying a word, begging the people not to hit him, said he knew that many people in the gang are located and important assets. As a result, Huibo's original gang force was annexed, and Huibo was hunted down, which also led to him being unable to get along in the local area, and he was forced to leave his hometown and go to Guangdong to work.

In 2000, when he was in Guangdong, due to the difference between the North and the South, coupled with his low level of education and imprisonment, Huibo did not find any stable job in Guangdong, and could only do some gray edge work. By chance, he recognized a "snake head" called "Kun Brother". He told Huibo: "China can do things that can make money are in the criminal law, I see you are good at talking, you have a safer and faster way, want to try with me." Huibo agreed without thinking, and said with a pat on the head: "I care what method he has, as long as I have money, I am the law." So "Brother Kun" smuggled Hui Bo out of China, to Southeast Asia, and then to the United States. After arriving in the United States, "Brother Kun" told him: "We help the Americans do things, you only need to talk about China on various occasions, you know, you will get money." The more you speak, the more money you'll make, and even become famous!" So Hui Bo began his own road to "insult China"...... Indeed, he became a veritable "traitor".

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