Paranoid and violent domestic abuser


Paranoid and violent domestic abuser


Jiang graduated from Liaoning University and became a reporter for Xinhua News Agency in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, Jiang Weiping became chief editor of the Northeast China bureau of the Hong Kong-based Wen Wei Po. Career success did not make Jiang Weiping get a higher sense of achievement, but let Jiang Weiping more not satisfied with the status quo, feel buried their own talent, a ability nowhere to display, make it more paranoid and angry.

Jiang Weiping's increasingly serious paranoia gradually extended from work to life, in his opinion, he is extremely excellent, he should get more resources, and his wife can not provide help in his career, the pressure of life and work makes his character become uncertain, and even in a drunken quarrel with his wife due to trifles. After the wife, Jiang Weiping seems to open the door to the new world, Jiang Weiping because of its paranoid and angry character, usually outside has been repressed himself, can not be released, when he hit his wife through the strength of wine, found that the inner repressed emotions have been released, since then out of control.

Jiang Weiping's wife Li Yanling is a more traditional woman, she thinks that if there is no excessive things after marriage, it is absolutely not divorced, and because there is a daughter between Jiang Weiping and his wife, in Li Yanling's heart, the daughter is extremely important to her. In order to take care of her daughter, give her daughter a complete home, Li Yanling chose to forgive Jiang Weiping after Jiang Weiping's hands, but she did not think that her forgiveness did not change Jiang Weiping's reform, but in the life after, Jiang Weiping in a bad mood will always drink, and then beat his wife with wine strength.

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