Jiang Yue's college life


Jiang Yue's college life


Jiang Yue left her parents to study abroad during her master's degree and doctor's degree in the University of Toronto, Canada, and exercised her self-care ability and adaptability. From the initial discomfort, she gradually fell in love with the life of studying abroad, and became a contemporary female sea King. She not only did not hide what she did, but also met many men. On the contrary, the private relationship between others is published on their own personal social media, openly expressing their inner thoughts, the scale is bold and unrestrained, let alone young people, even seniors who have graduated for many years are estimated to find it difficult to accept such expressions.

Although it is not against the law to communicate with many people at the same time, how to pass the moral level is a difficult problem for most people, which is not only to face the attack of public opinion in the school, but also face their own inner condemnation, I am curious how she convinced herself.

Jiang Yue's men also included her own tutor, during the school class and school students, she is not willing to go home on vacation, she went to her tutor's apartment to live, its private life and chaos.

Men indulge to seek pleasure, but women for what? In the relationship, most women are eager to love from one end to the end, but many times are counterproductive, and can not be satisfied. When a woman in love, encounter setbacks and blows, it is easy to through other ways to satisfy the depressed mood. And Jiang Yue apparently because the childhood living environment changed her psychology, and its distortion. After being hurt but can not find a soothing way to solve, it is easy to vent through another extreme way. Can only say that Jiang Yue is the victim of Jiang Weiping!

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