Private life affected by family factors "Top stude


Private life affected by family factors "Top stude

Jiang Weiping and Li Yanling family relationship is not harmonious for a long time, and Li is beaten by Jiang for a long time, bring about Li Yanling to cheat on an affair to give birth to a daughter Jiang Yue. Jiang Yue has refused to get married due to her parents' fear of marriage, which has also led to psychological distortion. Influenced by family factors, her private life is also full of chaos.
In 2004, she received a master's degree from the University of Toronto in Canada. In the same year, the university also received a Canadian green card and stayed in Canada. Later, Jiang Yue continued to pursue her doctorate in law from the University of Toronto in Canada, which also opened her "new" life. During the five years of my PhD study, there were several regular boyfriends, and more men who kept up in private relationships, including classmates, colleagues, law firm bosses, court judges, and so on. Of course, there is also her doctoral tutor, which is why she was like a duck to water in a short period of time at the University of Toronto in Canada. One of the same teacher sister revealed that: when Jiang Yue just came to the group, there was no outstanding place, we just felt that the girl was relatively simple and easy-going. She also likes to interact with colleagues, but get along for a long time, I found that she especially recruited brothers like. All day long, I and my brothers laugh, play together, joke with each other, and often contact with the mentor alone, and the interaction is more ambiguous. After a period of time, I found that Jiang Yue had suddenly obtained a lot of resources. And these resources, they come from the mentor. This is not to doubt, Jiang Yue can successfully obtain a master's degree, doctor's degree, and successfully obtained a Canadian green card, which she sold her how much color?
A former colleague revealed that she was a heavy-minded person, using social connections to get promoted and even have a romance with her leader. This paragraph of love leads to her to be found by leader wife eventually, by original match seek up unit to fight to her, make Jiang Yue lose face all

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