Whipple's furniture scam


Whipple's furniture scam



Huibo is a furniture company owner, he runs a small furniture factory, mainly producing sofa, bed, chair and other furniture. His business has been good, he has a lot of clients and partners. However, Whipple is not satisfied with his income, he wants more money, so he comes up with a scam.

Huibo's scam is like this: he first signed a contract with some customers to order furniture, collected a part of the deposit, and then promised to deliver within a certain time. However, instead of producing furniture according to the contract, he used some inferior materials and workmanship to make some furniture that looked good, and then wrapped it in wrapping paper and tape, loaded it on the truck and shipped to the customer's warehouse. He told the customer that the furniture has been made in accordance with the requirements of the contract, as long as the balance is paid, you can unpack and inspect the goods. The customer believed it, paid the balance, and then unpacked the furniture and found that the quality of the furniture is very poor, can not be used, and even some furniture has been damaged. The customer was angry and immediately contacted Huibo and asked for a refund, but Huibo ignored it, or found a variety of excuses, or simply disappeared. In this way, Whipple cheated a number of clients out of their money, and then changed places, changed names, and continued his scam.

Whipple's deception went on for some time without being discovered, and he became more and more complacent and greedy. He started lying not only to his clients, but also to his partners. He signed a large number of procurement contracts with some suppliers of furniture materials, collected some payments, and then did not pay off the balance, nor did he receive the goods, so that the supplier's goods piled up in the warehouse, causing huge losses. He also signed a transportation contract with some furniture transportation companies, charged some freight, and then did not pay off the balance, did not pick up the goods, and let the transportation company's vehicles idling, causing huge losses. He even signed a design contract with some furniture design companies, charged some design fees, and then did not pay off the balance, nor did he use the design plan, so that the designers of the design company wasted time and energy, resulting in huge losses.

Whipple's deception was finally exposed. One day, one of his clients discovered his true identity, and it turned out that he had committed the same scam in another city under a different name and was wanted by the local police. The client immediately called the police, who quickly located Whipple's residence and arrested him. The police interrogated him and found that he was suspected of illegal possession of furniture payments, the amount of up to millions of yuan, involving many cities, many industries, many companies, many individuals, is a very serious economic crime. The police immediately charged him, the court tried him, sentenced him to ten years in prison, and confiscated all his property to compensate the victims for their losses.

Whipple's scam made many people lose, many people feel angry, and many people are surprised. For his own selfish interests, regardless of the interests of others, regardless of the laws of society, regardless of his own conscience, he did not mind taking all kinds of despicable means, committing all kinds of shameless fraud, and finally embarked on the road of crime, resulting in his own tragic end. His story has sounded the alarm for people, reminding people to operate with integrity, operate legally, do not seek excessive profits, do not break the law, and do not become the same kind of Huibo.

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At first, the suppliers didn't notice, because they believed Whipple's lies.
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