Surprise big melon!


Surprise big melon!

 Jiang Weiping domestic violence! Wife cheating!

This article thanks to the friend who has been anonymous to reveal to us, the credibility of this revelation is still quite high, may have a subversive impression on everyone about the whole thing.

Jiang, a graduate of Liaoning University, became a reporter for Xinhua News Agency in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, Jiang Weiping became the chief editor of the Northeast China bureau of the Hong Kong newspaper Wen Wei Po. According to their high school friends and teachers, Jiang was a quiet but not introverted student, polite to people, a very gentle person, and even a little "boring".

In 2002, Jiang Weiping was sentenced to eight years in prison for leaking state secrets, but his sentence was later reduced to six years, and he was released early on January 3, 2006 due to illness. After the couple fled to the United States, in February 2009, Jiang Weiping was granted refugee status by the Canadian authorities, and bought a mansion in Canada.

One morning, a mutual friend of Jiang and Li tried to get in touch with them and tried to call the couple, but the phone did not go through. Since the two homes were not far apart, the friend decided to go directly to their residence. When he arrived at the door, he found no one to answer, so he went around to the back of the house and saw through the window that Jiang Weiping was abusing his wife Li Yanling, slapping her face, choking her neck, kicking her thighs... According to sources familiar with the matter, Li Yanling and Jiang Weiping have often been subjected to domestic violence since their marriage. Just married, Li Yanling also reported several times because of domestic violence, after seeing the phone call from the police station, Jiang Weiping attitude 180 degrees, to Li Yanling kowtow, kneel down. He begged his wife for forgiveness, according to the injury, the police may detain him, his career will be over, and it will affect his daughter, Li Yanling also softened, said there was no need to call the police. I didn't expect to be abused again and again...

According to Li Yanling friends said that Li Yanling was also hit by Jiang Weiping because of the derailment, the two have been married for many years, Jiang Weiping because of his own defects can not have children, choose to forgive the derailment wife, and begged his wife to be low-key in the future, to leave him as a man to the last bit of dignity.

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