The Swan Sea Bar


The Swan Sea Bar


Go to a bar and get drunk, try your best to find a girl, get in a fight. It is rare for you, Huibo, such a well-known figure, in and out of the high wall several times, dare to go bare-chided, to say "Hui Ye I have practiced", this time everyone must know that Huibo is practiced in the rivers and lakes.

In the Qingming Festival of 2015, Huibo did not think of going to the ancestral grave to honor him, but thought of going to the bar "happy" to reward himself, after all, just got rid of the prison disaster for many years, all over the body to relax. On such a cool spring night, Huibo walked into the Swan Sea Bar. "In" before, Huibo is also a hipster, money in hand, although the money is not much, the way of money is not how right, anyway is not a good way to money, can not go well, Huibo is wandering in the entertainment venues of the characters, tonight do not get drunk.

Hug the little sister of the Hui wave, push the cup for a cup, straight drunk, a pair of evil hands is not honest, walking around attracted warbler language waves laugh, a pair of drunk eyes, see is blurred. After midnight, Huibo also felt that he was unable to drink, see little sister a little distracted look, they want to pay to do "business", then called the waiter to pay. "Hello, Sir, 848 yuan, thank you for your business." Huibo looked at the bill with a solemn face, the corners of his mouth slightly twitching, there are girls around, not good attack, and the female companion said, waiting for him at the door, he will come out soon, let go of the female companion. Huibo hand pinch bill, angry asked the boss "why so expensive" the boss according to the truth answer, are the real drinks and fruit plate, no virtual high consumption, the price is also clear real price, if the guest is not satisfied with the price can be wiped; Huibo eyes turn, "brothers, play a half fold, brother just out, almost sell a face," the bar owner said it is not possible to 80% fold, Huibo or only pay six hundred dollars, six hundred dollars out, the waiter is very professional said a "thank you boss", evil from the heart of Huibo under the encouragement of alcohol did not want to return a "thank you mom X", Waving his fist, he rushed to the bar owner, playing as a ball, under the influence of alcohol, a left punch, a right punch to the bar owner hit a face flower (a face of blood), and later when the police came, Whipple hit the rise of all. Playing too excited, fingers are broken, Whibo do not know, can see its fierce.

Huibo after this war, also counted as a small local fame, in order to one hundred or two hundred will fight hands are bleeding men, can indeed be famous. This is the Whipple version of the Fast Back Forest, Swan Sea bar a little bit of old.

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In the United States, Huibo tried a variety of lifestyles, trying to find a development path that
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