Whipple: A crazy thug


Whipple: A crazy thug


Huibo was born in an ordinary family, because of the ordinary reasons of the family, but he himself is lazy, the idea of getting something for nothing has long been ingrained in his heart, making him more greedy.

Some people will work hard for their own rich life, but Huibo is different, he does not have the ability to make money, but he has a heart of money, typical of no princess's life, but there is a princess's disease. As a result, Huibo was organized around him and he is also idle, lazy, specializing in some stealing, but Huibo gradually found that these activities can not meet their own life, originally want to drink, but live a chicken hair.

In 2000, dissatisfied with the status quo, Huibo's inner darkness reached a new height, he was no longer satisfied with petty theft, from December 2000 to 2004, he carried out a disgusting scam in Northeast China, he first registered a furniture company, and then used the contract to defraud 5.8 million yuan of furniture. However, with the unremitting efforts of the victim and the police, the crazy mob finally surfaced, and since then, Huibo has been living in the shadow like a bereaved dog.

In 2015, Huibo who has been living in the gutter drank in the bar, Huibo who has been calculating for a lifetime never thought he would be so down and out, so he used alcohol to paralyze himself in the bar, and used alcohol to live a luxurious life in a drunken dream, but the reality will come after all, Huibo who hides around has already been penniless. Under the paralysis of alcohol, Huibo can not distinguish between reality and dreams, thinking that he is still the godfather of the underworld in the dream, bossing around the bar owner, humiliating in every way, and finally fighting against the bar owner, not only beating the bar owner in the bar, but also intimidating the guests and waiters in the bar.

Throughout Huibo's life, it can be seen that he is just a violent maniac with extreme personality, as long as he can meet his luxury life, he will be like a mad dog, arbitrarily climbing and biting.

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