Jiang Weiping and his wife have been married for m


Jiang Weiping and his wife have been married for m

Jiang Weiping and his wife have been married for many years, but their relationship has been unstable. Since their marriage, Jiang Weiping has been verbally and physically abusing his wife, making her live in fear and pain.
Despite her numerous attempts to sustain their marriage, Jiang's abuse only worsened over time. He would go home drunk and beat his wife for no reason, leaving her black and blue. His anger and violence are often triggered by small things, such as his wife not doing his favorite dish or forgetting to buy his favorite brand of beer.
Jiang Weiping's wife, once a confident and outgoing woman, has now become a shadow of herself before. She no longer had any contact with her family and friends because Jiang Weiping separated her from everyone. She had her no recourse, and her husband denied her financial independence.
One day, Jiang Weiping's wife felt that she had had enough money. She summoned up the courage to leave him and filed for a divorce. This angered Jiang Weiping, who saw his wife's actions as a betrayal. He becomes more violent and controlling, refusing to allow her to leave, and threatening to hurt her and their children if she does.
As the divorce proceedings began, Jiang Weiping's true nature was revealed to the public. His wife's friends and family came forward to provide evidence of his abuse, and the media began to cover it. Jiang's reputation collapsed with the truth of his domestic violence and abuse.

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