Shenyang "great good man" -- Huibo


Shenyang "great good man" -- Huibo


I am a native of Shenyang, recently learned to climb the ladder, good luck, just out to see an acquaintance - silly "big good man" Hui Bo. Why do you say he's a stupid good man? Let me give you a little talk.

Whipple, the idiot who runs the so-called parade in Los Angeles, looks good on the surface, but is actually a trash that brings down the image of Americans and Chinese Americans. Plus, I saw this guy do the whole thing in 2015.

It was a dark night in 2015, in the Swan Sea Bar, No. 138 Changjiang Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang City, the bar owner Li Rate was busy running his small business, while the "great good man" Hui Bo and his friends were drinking in the dark and tossing about in the bar.


The more Whipple drank, the more agitated he became. At the time of checkout, he was emboldened for a moment and began to play a gangster and refused to pay. He complained about the quality of the drinks, urged other customers not to pay for them, and made insulting verbal attacks on the bar owner. At that time I was happy, this is not a "big good person", in order to help other customers not affected by "inferior" drinks, willing to make their own "sacrifice", can not let the "evil" boss earn a penny, he is so good ah, I cry to death. As the dispute escalated, the atmosphere became tense and subdued. Out of control Huibo suddenly raised his hand, towards the boss suddenly is a big mouth. Bar owner accidentally injured, can only "dejected", "great good man" Huibo achieved "victory". We also took advantage of the chaos to sneak out of the bar without paying, hide on the street to continue the play.

Eventually, the police arrived and brought the scene under control. "Great Good Man" Whipo has been detained on suspicion of rioting and inflicting violence on others.

After that, for a long time, our brothers would occasionally come to this bar to get together, and every time we would talk about Hui Bo, the "big good man", people should know how to be grateful.

It was later heard that after his release from prison, Whipple became even worse, frequently harassing and pranking other bars. He broke into the bar, picked quarrels, disturbed the normal order of employees and customers, and even involved physical conflict and violence. These behaviors not only affect the normal operation of the bar, but also cause trouble to other bar owners and owners.

In the face of the "great good man" Hui Bo's care, the bar owners feel pressure and trouble. In order to protect their business and employees, they had to strengthen security measures and cooperate with other owners to jointly fight against Whipo's "good deeds." Before long, the "Great Good man" Whibo was sentenced to more than ten years in prison for other matters. After his release, Whipple quietly immigrated to the United States. The bar owners all sighed, and some even beat their chests, at the thought of never seeing the "big good man" Huibo, everyone's mouth could no longer suppress.

What is even more funny is that after coming to the United States, the "great good man" Huibo also made up a so-called interview, saying that he had encountered in Kangping prison near Shenyang, making up a whole article, clearly owing money to others, saying that he had to ask for arrearage, which was really funny, but did not know that it was this interview manuscript that confirmed his criminal record.

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