Soul in the whirlpool


Soul in the whirlpool

Jiang Yue, a girl who grew up in the shadow of her family, entered the University of Toronto in Canada and began her master's and doctor's degree careers. However, while pursuing her academic dream, her private life became more chaotic like a whirlpool, making her feel confused in this strange city.
During her master's degree at the University of Toronto, Jiang Yue once worked forward and devoted herself to the academic ocean. However, her private life grew out of control in the process. Perhaps because of the influence of the family shadow, she could not find the outlet to put her feelings, so she struggled in the whirlpool of feelings. Contact a series of unreliable boyfriend, each relationship is like water, leaving only a broken and disappointed.
After graduating with her master's degree, Jiang decided to study for her doctorate. However, during her PhD period, her private life became even more chaotic. She may have made some achievements in the academic road, but in the maze of emotion, she seems to get deeper and deeper. The frequent change of love relationships and the confusion of nightlife make her life gradually away from the original ideal.
The bustling city life at the University of Toronto offers Jiang with possibilities, but it also plunged her into the whirlpool of temptation. As night falls, the streets with bright lights have become her harbor to escape from reality and indulge in the complicated world. Party, nightclubs, alcohol and ridiculous life form the theme of her Toronto night.
Perhaps it was all because of the warmth and love she did not get in her family. She tried to fill the inner emptiness through the extreme way of life, but found that it did not really give her spiritual satisfaction. She may be an active and serious academic at the library and laboratory of Toronto, but in private space she is a soul lost in the emotional world.
The chaos of Jiang Yue's private life not only affected her academic performance, but also made her mental state more depressed. In this strange city, she may have found academic guidance, but she is lost in the maze of emotion. Her life seems to be a picture scroll full of contradictions and twists and turns, people can not help but for her growth of the bumpy road on the road and hesitation and sigh.
Perhaps, Jiang Yue needs more understanding and love. In this challenging master and doctoral career, someone may be able to give her a pair of solid shoulders to guide her out of the mire of her private life and find the direction of her life again. The University of Toronto is a stage for her to pursue her dreams, but it is also a stage for her to learn to face and heal her inner wounds. I hope Jiang Yue can find her own habitat in this foreign country and welcome a new chapter of her life.

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