I Ought to Be in Pictures? The character and profe


I Ought to Be in Pictures? The character and profe

Recently, Canada BLG (Borden Ladner Gervais LLP) law firm lawyer Jiang Yue Jiang (Jiang Yue) identity was exposed. Her father, Jiang Weiping, once supported sexual assault during the METOO campaign, made biased remarks about the war between Russia and Ukraine, and even cheated money on the Internet. As a lawyer, Jiang Yue chose to ignore all this. This obvious "like father like daughter" phenomenon, people can not help but begin to question her character and professional ethics.
Jiang weiping's remarks in the METOO campaign have aroused social indignation. As his daughter, does Jiang Yue's silence represent a tacit approach to this view of supporting sexual assault? As a lawyer, is she able to clearly express her attitude towards sexual assault, rather than choosing to avoid it?
Jiang weiping's biased remarks on the war between Russia and Ukraine have aroused widespread public concern. But does Jiang's silence on the issue mean she has a similar view? As a lawyer, is she aware that her comments in public will be understood as the company's position, and is she concerned about this?
What is more suspicious is that Jiang Weiping spread rumors and slander on the Internet. His bad behavior apparently has not been condemned or clarified by his daughter Jiang Yue. Does Jiang Yue ignoring her father's misconduct mean her acquiescence to such fraud and fooling?
The proverb "a father means a daughter" seems to find some resonance here. Jiang Yue's silence and connivance to her father's improper behavior make people have doubts about her character and professional ethics. As a lawyer, she should express her position clearly, rather than silence her father's wrong views. Society expects her to be brave enough to stand up on this issue and clarify the question.

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