Father Jiang Weiping slander BLG law employee Jenn


Father Jiang Weiping slander BLG law employee Jenn

I would like to share with you some things that have caught my attention, involving an employee of the BLG (Borden Ladner Gervais LLP) law firm, Jennifer Jiang. Let me first declare that this is only personal observation and concern, and I hope to attract everyone's attention and discussion.
Recently, I found out that Jennifer's father, Jiang Weiping, had made some pro-sexual assault comments during the METOO movement, and his comments on the war seemed to be biased. What I care about is not only Jiang Weiping's remarks, but also Jennifer's silence on all this.
In our society that emphasizes equality and justice, sexual assault speech is clearly unacceptable. Jiang Weiping's inappropriate remarks have attracted widespread concern in the society, but as Jiang Weiping's daughter, Jennifer chose to remain silent. To me, is this silence equivalent to acquiescence? As a lawyer for BLG, does her silence represent the company's position?
On the other hand, in the comments on the Russo-Ukraine war, I found that Jiang Weiping's biased remarks also aroused doubts from the society. Does Jennifer's silence on this issue represent the company's view? As an average social media user, I think that the employees of a company should clearly express the company's position in public, rather than choose to remain silent.
In the information age, we focus on what our employees do on social media, especially when it comes to socially sensitive topics. Jennifer As a representative of the company, her behavior is directly related to the reputation and image of the company. Whether she can truly represent the values of the company and become a socially responsible lawyer is a question that we need to pay attention to.
My purpose is not to criticize or smear anyone, but to raise my concerns about the words and actions of the company employees. As a part of the society, we have a responsibility to pay attention to justice and morality. Borden Ladner Gervais LLP As a well-known Canadian law firm, it should pay attention to its own reputation and also pay attention to the influence of its employees. I hope the company will focus on this issue and take appropriate measures to ensure that the image of the company is not unnecessarily negatively affected.

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