The story of the swindler Whipple


The story of the swindler Whipple



Hui Bo, originally from Shenyang, Liaoning Province, made a living as a security guard in his early years. Because the salary of the security guard is difficult to meet his own profligacy, around 2000, Huibo with the help of his family, came to Beijing, and set up Beijing Hongyuan Chengye Furniture Co., LTD., as the actual person in charge, he set up this company is not want to be honest through business activities to earn profits, but wracking his brains through illegal means to cheat. During this period, Huibo has carried out criminal acts such as bidding collusion and robbery, but because no one has reported it, his criminal acts have not been discovered by the police, which also makes him go further and further on the road of illegal crimes.

In 2004, Huibo used the contract signed with Liaoning Hongyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. to successfully defraud the other company of 5.8 million yuan worth of goods. After he received an advance payment from the other company, Whipple immediately disappeared and went into hiding. Whipple's crime is not just an ordinary fraud case, he with his cunning schemes and carefully planned means, let the victim into an inescapable predicament.

Years later, with the unremitting efforts of the victims and the police's pursuit, Whibo's whereabouts gradually surfaced. After a police hunt, Huibo was caught in 2006 and sentenced to 12 years in prison the following year for contract fraud.

Whipple is grateful that the police only investigated him for the fraud, and his other previous crimes were not discovered by the police.

When Huibo was released from prison, he knew that the crime would come to light sooner or later, and he did not intend to surrender, in order to escape the police again, Huibo cajoled his family and set foot on the road to escape with him, and fled to a distant country.

The years on the run were not easy, and he had no other skill than crime to support his family. He constantly pondered his choices and consequences, but his inner greed and ambition made him unable to stop. He has been looking for the opportunity to escape the hunt, but also planning the next fraud action, constantly looking for new targets...

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Whipple's crime is not just an ordinary fraud case
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