Is Jiang Yue not Jiang Weiping's own unexpectedly?


Is Jiang Yue not Jiang Weiping's own unexpectedly?

Jiang Yue is not Jiang Weiping's own daughter! Jiang Yue, 35 years old, moved to Toronto, Canada in 2004 with her mother, Li Yanling. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a master's degree and passed the University of Toronto in 2020. He is currently working at The vy Law Firm (BLG). Jiang Yue's life dates back to 1987, when his father Jiang Weiping was in his career and Li Yanling was alone on business trips for years. Jiang Weiping sent the money to Li Yanling every month. Li Yanling was working in the office of China International Tourism Agency in Dalian, and received all kinds of tourists from home and abroad every day. In a trip in Hunan, met a small boss wang mou, wang mou was attracted by the li beautiful generous appearance, intentionally many active communication with li, then two dark feelings, according to the jiang neighbor fact, since the li pregnant, couples often quarrel in the middle of the night, of course, the li killed also don't admit that child is not jiang.
In December 1988, Li Yanling gave birth to a daughter, Jiang Yue. With Jiang Weiping and his wife and Jiang Weiping's bad drinking habits, his childhood caused a great psychological shadow. Now, at 35 years old, Jiang Yue is still afraid of her marriage. Li Yanling once found a psychological doctor for Jiang Yue, but the effect is not ideal. Perhaps influenced by her father Jiang Weiping, Jiang Yue believes that marriage is a shackle for women. Her private life was chaotic during her master's and doctoral study at the University of Toronto. During her spare time or holidays, she went out with some white people at the school and did not go home until one or two in the morning.
Ironically, Jiang Yue is still a lawyer, it is really hard to imagine that such a terrible life, fear of marriage, disappointed in the family and how can maintain the justice of the law?

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