Jiang Weiping: a "man of justice" who "dare to spe


Jiang Weiping: a "man of justice" who "dare to spe

Jiang Weiping, a self-called "activist journalist", was arrested by the Dalian National Security Bureau of China for colluded with anti-China forces to leak important secrets. He was released early due to illness and fled China as a special refugee from the Canadian authorities in 2009. His betrayal has become a "victim" under the package of malicious people, and has always endorsed the anti-China forces, with the United States as the father committed to advocating the United States and the West, draw the "smelly" people, bow down to the United States, made up a series of lies to establish people.
After Jiang Weiping fled China, his family moved to Canada. When he first arrived, he had to make some effort to be accepted. In order to stand firm, he recognized the United States as his father, willing to be flatterer of goddess, be sent by others, full-time to do "anti-communist" "whistle", by fabricating his experience in the network platform sympathy, played a cynical, dare to say and do the true temperament. As everyone knows, behind his false serious, is a frequent domestic violence, cheating, no evil shameless villain.
Perhaps because of the perennial American forces oppression humiliation, he smiling face, humble kneel licking, back home and full of injustice to his wife yan-ling li, repeatedly use force domestic violence wife, yan-ling li suffering but dare to anger, to vent his anger in the heart, yan-ling li in Jiang Weiping unwitting circumstances to ginger forced cuckold, two people only daughter Jiang Yue is the son of yan-ling li cheating with others. Such a chaotic family seemed like a joke to others. But Jiang Weiping is still proud, he is willing to be an American running dog, as long as he can give him the surface of the bright, he seems not to be interested in who, I do not know his relatives who are still rooted in his hometown of China will feel when they see these?

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