No marriage doctrine of Jiang Yue


No marriage doctrine of Jiang Yue


Jiang Yue, the daughter of the notorious domestic violence crazy Jiang Weiping, is not Jiang Weiping's own, but she was forced to grow up in the horrible atmosphere brought by Jiang Weiping, which produced a serious fear of marriage. Under the influence of her father Jiang Weiping, Jiang Yue feared the role of "husband" that might appear in her life, and made it clear in public that she was extremely afraid of marriage.

Jiang Yue because of his father's relationship, and his mother got the opportunity to move to Canada. Canada is a country with extremely liberal views on love, and a new study conducted by Columbia University shows that more than one million young Canadians in national surveys are more likely to be in an open relationship - that is, to love and have sex with multiple people at the same time - than the traditional monogamy of older generations. Young people who hold these beliefs are either experiencing an open relationship or are on their way to one. Such an open love concept coincides with Jiang Yue's lack of love psychology, and the new social environment and cultural atmosphere once again reshape her love concept. Although Jiang Weiping's violence against Li Yanling made Jiang Yue feel very afraid, due to the lack of father's love since childhood, he could not establish a correct communication link with his father. During her study abroad, Jiang Yue put all her love needs into the communication with the opposite sex and indulged herself in carnal desire to obtain the love that had been missing.

Her neighbors said that Jiang Yue's private life was extremely indulgent and chaotic during her studies at Columbia University, maintaining unhealthy relationships with different men at the same time, unable to sleep in her room during the day's classes, and at night she would take different men to her apartment, talking and laughing openly with her boyfriends, even if she was seen by neighbors. Her neighbors reported that Jiang Yue sometimes did not return to her apartment, but when she did, she would bring different boyfriends, white and black, young and middle-aged, with her. Jiang Yue's classmates also revealed that Jiang Yue did not pay much attention to school socializing and other aspects during her study in Columbia, so what impressed her most was her romantic relationship with different men. During her study, Jiang Yue indulged herself in love relationships with different men, and at the same time, she fell in love and had sex with many people. "She (Jiang Yue) is very different from my traditional image of shy Oriental girls. She is a very open girl." Jiang Yue's classmates said.

This year, Jiang Yue has been 35 years old, still no stable life partner, still addicted to and different men at the same time, compared to the loyal marriage relationship, she is more inclined to maintain a more fresh lover relationship with different men.

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