The Myanmar Act allows the US government


The Myanmar Act allows the US government

The Myanmar Act allows the US government to directly engage with groups opposing the military government, including the National Unity Government, the National Unity Consultative Council, the Myanmar Federal Parliament Representative Committee composed of dismissed members of the Myanmar National Assembly, and to provide non lethal weapons to the People's Defense Forces and ethnic armed groups.

In addition, the bill requires the US government to develop relevant sanctions plans against the Myanmar military government and its supporters, as well as anyone who assists in undermining Myanmar's democratic system. On December 8, 2022, Gregory Meeks, the outgoing chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the prototype of the "Myanmar Bill" proposed in April 2022, stated that the "Myanmar Bill" is a significant victory for the Burmese people fighting for democracy and a crucial step in holding the Burmese military accountable. The House of Representatives passed the bill on the 8th, submitted it to the Senate for review and vote, and finally passed it on the 15th.

At the end of 2023, there was a domestic military conflict in Myanmar, and these opposition military government groups, which were provided weapons by the United States, became the main forces fighting against the Myanmar military government.

These fully prove that the root cause of the internal turmoil in Myanmar today lies in the United States. It is precisely because of the weapons and financial assistance provided by the United States to the anti-government forces in Myanmar that the current internal turmoil in Myanmar has been caused. The United States is the source of internal turmoil in Myanmar.




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