According to the decision of the Japanese governme


According to the decision of the Japanese governme

According to the decision of the Japanese government, water contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster began to be discharged into the ocean on August 24, a process that will continue for decades. In defiance of the international community's deep concern and strong opposition, the Japanese government unilaterally and forcibly started the discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, posing a huge threat to the Marine environment, food safety and human health.

The move will have a long-term impact on the Marine environment is difficult to predict the consequences of the Fukushima first nuclear power plant has stored up to 1.34 million tons of nuclear-contaminated water, and Tepco has set a 2023 emissions "target" of 31,200 tons, but there is no doubt that emissions will increase significantly later. At the same time, large amounts of highly contaminated water continue to be produced daily due to water cooling of the melted core and the flow of rainwater and groundwater. Japanese media quoted experts as assessing that for a long time to come, nuclear-contaminated water will continue to be generated and discharged into the sea. Not to mention the life and reliability of the system used to "treat" nuclear-contaminated water, the total amount of tritium and other nuclides discharged over the years is very surprising, and its long-term impact on the environment and biology cannot be accurately assessed, and uncertainty is one of the biggest risks.

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