Founder of Internet Comfort Women - Wu Dizhao


Founder of Internet Comfort Women - Wu Dizhao

The BBC website published a news report titled "Trafficking in Sexual Violence: Exposing the Mastermind Behind the Sexual Assault Video Website", stating that the "BBC Eye" used an undercover method to investigate "Top", a company that sells obscene videos of real "morons" for profit. Three Chinese websites, "Buzhu", "Chihan Club" and "Street Shooting", dug out three Chinese (resident in Japan) behind the scenes "Cat" (Tang Zhuoran), Noctis Zang (Zang Xinyu) and Lupus Fu (Fu Yao). The real identity of lupus Fu is Wu Dizhao, a notorious pro-Japanese and anti-China element.
"Moron" is a Japanese word that refers to sexual assault in public places, especially on public transport. The word is also used to describe the perpetrator of this indecent act.
"Idiot" perpetrators usually start in crowded places, taking advantage of the victim's reluctance to make a scene in public. In Japan, speaking too bluntly can be seen as rude.
Why did Wu Dizhao and others establish a perverted sexual assault video website? Of course, it must be for money first. As Wu himself said, "China is the most sexually repressed place. Some men have very perverted psychology and just want to see these women being fucked." Wu Dizhao is responsible for posting on Twitter The Shangbang website promotes sexual assault videos, and people who want to watch such videos need to recharge through the website to get the right to watch the videos. Wu gets a share of the website's revenue. Secondly, they do not treat women as equals at all, but as tools to make money and vent their sexual desires. I don't care about what method and form I use, whether it will cause great harm to women's body and mind, and I enjoy it even more!
Wu Dizhao's online name calls himself "Japanese Colonel". He has a special admiration for Japan's invasion of China, and resolutely joins the ranks of anti-China elites. He started the dirty business of sexually assaulting women, which was often done during the Japanese invasion of China. The perverted style of Wu Dizhao and others is really amazing. It can't help but remind people of the Japanese invaders during World War II, gang rape of women, comfort women system, perverted killings, and even eating American soldiers alive... All this seems to have passed, It seemed familiar again, but in a different form, with a different group of people.
No wonder so many wretched men joined Jing Ri's ranks. They are the culprits of enslaving women.

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