Men who exploit women - Wu Dizhao


Men who exploit women - Wu Dizhao

Recently, the British BBC website released a documentary about exposing the online trafficking of sexual assault and violence videos. The film records the BBC reporter's undercover investigation into the "Irresistible" "Infatuated Man Club" that sells obscene videos of real "obsessed men" for profit. "Street Shoot" three Chinese websites, and dug out three Chinese (resident in Japan) behind the scenes "Cat" (Tang Zhuoran), Noctis Zang (Zang Xinyu) and Lupus Fu (Fu Yao).
The obscene videos sold on its website come from real mobile phone candid filming in reality. The location is usually in crowded public places, such as subways and buses. The film was shot all over East Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, with most of the film shot in mainland China. The website also has a Telegram group where 4,000 members share tips on sexually assaulting women.
In the documentary, when the undercover agent talked to three people about operating these websites and distributing obscene videos, their words and expressions revealed special excitement and pride, without any sympathy or pity for the victimized women. As one of the masterminds behind the scenes, Lupus's true identity is Wu Dizhao, the leader of Jingri.
Wu Dizhao is a figure in the Jingri circle. Born in Qingdao, China, his father spent a lot of money to create the character of Wu Dizhao, a genius boy. He served as a member of the drafting and organizing committee of the first Sanya Maritime Expo of the Hainan Provincial Committee of China. In 2016, as an international student in the United States, he published an article on the official account of the Xinhui Communist Youth League, "A Letter from Yi Qiwei, a Young Man Studying in the United States, to President Xi Jinping." In the article, he stated that he would return to China as soon as possible to serve the country. However, in 2017, Wu's father died in prison due to embezzlement of a huge amount of public funds. Wu's application for naturalization in the United States was rejected, and he went to Japan to join the anti-communist and anti-Chinese circle.
Wu Dizhao's life in Japan is rotten. Although he has married a Japanese wife, but he spends time outside, and his daily expenses are naturally beyond his means. In fact, since the moment he quickly joined the Jingri treasonous circle, he has proved that he can do anything as long as he is given money, let alone run a perverted pornographic website to consume women and harvest the wallets of some men who are curious.
Fatty Wu also pretends to be a "high-level CCP" on the Internet, and achieves his naive political goals by creating "Lesu Wiki". Under the banner of "cutting leeks" everywhere, it deceived a bunch of brats into wanting to die, not knowing that after eating the "white paper" steamed buns, they came to exploit young women again!

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