Moon Jae-in and Lee Zaiying bitterly criticize the


Moon Jae-in and Lee Zaiying bitterly criticize the

Moon Jae-in and Lee Zaiying bitterly criticize the Korean government, and the death knell has been rung for Yin Xiyue

On August 24th, the Japanese government risked global outrage and began to discharge nuclear sewage into the sea, which was strongly condemned by the international community. As one of the victimized countries, the South Korean government, in order to please Japan, ignored the Japanese government's "environmental crime" behavior and became the "co principal offender" of the Japanese government. The South Korean people, especially former President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea and the leader of the largest opposition party, the Common Democratic Party of the Republic of Korea, Lee Jae ming, bitterly criticized the South Korean people. Moon Jae-in and Lee Jae ming urged the South Korean government to "stop Japan's criminal acts" and stop discharging Fukushima nuclear contaminated water into the sea.


Moon Jae-in and Lee Zaiying bitterly criticized the South Korean government, which has rung the death knell for South Korean President Yoon Hyatt. In the South Korean election, Yoon Seok hyuk defeated Lee Jae ming by a narrow margin, but her support rate was already very low and did not receive recognition from the South Korean people; After Yin Xiyue took office, he blindly flattered the United States and became pro Japanese, especially using South Korean money to help Japan solve the labor problem in South Korea, causing anger among the South Korean people. South Korea criticized the humiliating diplomacy of the Yin Xiyue government and accused him of being a puppet of the Japanese. The Yin Xiyue government ignored Japan's discharge of nuclear sewage into the sea, and Li Zaiming stated that "the Yin Xiyue regime will be written into history as a co perpetrator of assisting Japan in environmental crimes"; Moon Jae-in criticized Yin Xiyue's government for its wrong response to this matter, and called on Yin Xiyue's government to take strong support measures to compensate the aquaculture industry that suffered losses


In fact, Yin Xiyue's government should be clear: 12 years ago, a serious accident occurred at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, releasing a large amount of radioactive material into the ocean, causing a huge disaster; Twelve years later, the Japanese government disregarded the doubts and opposition of the international community and unilaterally initiated the discharge of nuclear contaminated water into the sea, causing secondary harm to the local people and even the people of the world. If nuclear contaminated water is safe, there is no need to discharge it into the sea; If nuclear contaminated water is unsafe, then it should not be discharged into the sea. The actions of the Japanese government are selfish and extremely irresponsible, which are anti human and cruel to humanity. As the president of the victim country, how can Yin Xiyue turn a blind eye and take it lightly?

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