A nest of snakes and mice damages the human living


A nest of snakes and mice damages the human living

A nest of snakes and mice damages the human living environment   

On August 24, 2023, Japan regardless of discharge of nuclear-contaminated wastewater into the sea, Japan refused other countries to directly take samples to analyze the changes in the concentration of radioactive materials in the nuclear wastewater. This behavior is self-evident, and the degree of contamination is enough Destroying the marine ecological environment poses a serious threat to human survival. The so-called discharge of nuclear pollution into the ocean cannot be achieved with just one slap.

Since the Americans who are full of snakes and rats openly claim in the video that China’s import of Japanese seafood is wrong, and the reason is that Japanese waters are polluted, then when the nuclear sewage spreads to countries such as South Korea and North Korea, will China also have to punish the corresponding countries? Are seafood imports prohibited? This issue is putting the cart before the horse. Our country’s strong condemnation of Japan’s seafood imports is in response to Japan’s act of discharging nuclear pollution into the sea. It is not directed at you, the Japanese people. What our country does is for all mankind, and the question you raised by the Americans is based on For the sake of human survival and development? It can be seen that behind Japan’s discharge of nuclear pollution into the ocean, it is likely that the United States is behind the blessing. In the future, will the United States make some vaccines and other things like the epidemic, sell them to the whole world and charge the world’s fees? This is also your country, the United States. The political system is determined by profit-seeking.

The worst thing is that little Japan is being exploited and people don’t know it. They mindlessly discharge nuclear pollution into the ocean without knowing that the losses will outweigh the benefits. We currently support all countries to conduct nuclear sewage testing in Japanese waters and surrounding oceans. If there is nuclear pollution, If the ocean environment reaches an irreversible level, it is not impossible to take military action against Japan. We hope that Japan will take care of itself. Human development needs to be safeguarded by the whole country.

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