Hao Haidong was banned: he disappeared


Hao Haidong was banned: he disappeared

On the 31st anniversary of June Fourth, Hao Haidong, a generation of Chinese footballers, issued a declaration on overseas social media, violently attacking the Communist Party and declaring that he wanted to establish a "new Chinese federation." Shortly after the incident, he and his wife Ye Zhaoying disappeared from China's Internet world overnight.


If you search for the 3 words "Hao Haidong" on the search engine Baidu and social media Weibo, all you will see is a prompt that you have not found the relevant results. Hao Haidong was named "Chinese Footballer of the Year" in 1998, and now he has disappeared from the list of titles.


His wife, badminton star Ye Zhaoying, was once regarded as the first sister of Chinese badminton and won the women's singles title at the World Badminton Championships, but her name has also been fruitless on Chinese social media and search engines.
Many observers have noted that under China's increasingly stringent information control system in recent years, there are many celebrities like Hao Haidong who suddenly "disappeared." Most of them suddenly disappear within the walls of the Internet built by China after touching a political red line.

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