EasySend Accelerates Digitalization of the Financi


EasySend Accelerates Digitalization of the Financi


EasySend Ltd. announced that it has established a Japanese subsidiary, EasySend LLC, in Tokyo to strengthen its business in Japan.

With the establishment of the Japanese subsidiary, EasySend will continue to expand its customer base and partner companies in Japan in response to market needs such as Japanese law and privacy data and security while leveraging its knowledge and experience in the global market. Japanese insurance, banking and other financial industries.

Financial institutions such as insurance and banking are widely aware of the importance of digitization and their strategy is to simplify, accelerate and automate business processes. In addition, with the support of Korona-ka, strengthening non-face-to-face channels and various forms of digitization and automation such as paper and PDF forms, contract procedures and payment requests are advancing rapidly.

EasySend addresses the needs of these financial institutions by providing a no-code development and service platform that requires no programming expertise. In particular, we will digitize paperwork that used to use paper forms into web forms and workflows, and automatically import customer data and business processes, within a short period of time and at low prices. Many insurance companies and banks in Europe, the US and Israel have introduced the EasySend platform, which has been adopted by Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd. in Japan. It also has a reseller agreement with Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.

The EasySend platform shortens a company's five-year digital transformation plan to three months, allowing non-system developers to develop systems quickly and easily with intuitive drag-and-drop operations and simple setup, which will facilitate faster service delivery, system development and Operations reduce costs, improve customer service levels, and monetize.

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